Alphamatic Litepaper

What is Alphamatic?

AlphaMatic is a new community driven DEFI project which wants to become a dominant factor in the cryptoworld and metaverse with our new self-styled ecosystem.
We're building a huge network in crypto/metaverse with the goal of having the AlphaMatic community taking advantage of it's possibilities whether it be financial,social,intellectual or as a way to catapult yourselve to that which you desire or dream to become.

AlphaMatic strives te become a huge all-including company that encircles everything in the world of crypto and in the metaverse, starting off with the launch of our own AlphaMatic token! So what are some of the upcoming features and usecases?

Alphamatic Features & Usecases

  • Staking and Farming
  • Alpha swap
  • Social/Copy Trading platform
  • DOA
  • Lottery platform
  • Alpha Labs

Alphamatic tokenomics

We have a total supply of $AMATIC

Our Buy Transaction Tax system works as follow:
6% BNB Rewards.
3% Auto Liquidity.
3% Allocated to our marketing Wallet.

From Sell transactions, we take an additional 1% Tax that goes towards our Alpha Vault ( in BNB ). This Vault is for Buybacks & Rewards when we have low trading volume.

Token Distribution

Presale & Liquidity51%
Alphamatic Vault5%
Farming & Staking14%

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